The NAB show in Las Vegas for 2015 has kicked off and we’re hoping to hear some announcements about Ultra HD Blu-ray, as long with other developments in the 4K and 8K world. We’ll also be posting about any over-the-top Ultra HD content we hear about at the show too, just to keep a balanced argument.   At CES when Panasonic showed off their prototype Ultra HD Blu-ray player we learnt the pixel dimensions that the format would carry, 3840×2160, that it should support 10 bit and HDR and the codec which would be used to carry the video, H.265.  Hopefully we will see more exciting developments announced for the format in the coming days.

While there are certainly many technologies competing for attention at this year’s show, it  was nice to hear Ultra HD mentioned by NAB President & CEO Gordon Smith in his State of the Broadcast Industry address. He stated that next generation technology is key to the broadcast industries survival and that “I believe next gen may be the key to building TV’s future,” Building on this further, he said “We are excited about the promise of 4K Ultra HDTV, which adds more resolution and contrast to broadcast video…”.  Obviously Ultra HD Blu-ray is the perfect carrier to help deliver Ultra HD content and while the market is more fragmented than it’s ever been, we believe there will still be the market for those who want high quality content on a disc format.

“In an increasingly fragmented marketplace, next-gen promises to provide flexibility, IP interoperability and new revenue

As we get further updates from NAB we’ll be posting here on this website. Our aim is to collate all information, so this becomes a one stop shop for all things technical about the new Blu-ray format.  While this site is specifically aimed at those who want to know more about the Ultra HD Blu-ray, we will bring other bits of news and information from the show that we hope you might find interesting as well.  There have already been a couple of announcements about Ultra HD Blu-ray that we’ll get up on the site later  today.  As we’re currently setting things up, you might see a few things change in the coming days, but the information we’re posting will hopefully be useful and insightful.


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